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The object of grading is to ensure that all breeding stock is sound, and will enhance their type. We are aware that conformation goes hand-in-glove with soundness; potentially unsound and badly conformed stock is of little value to breed from.

1. Please make sure animals coming forward for grading are well handled, used to having their limbs touched, and used to a show ground environment.

2. All animals must be in a fit condition. Excessively fat or poor animals may find their condition reflected in low marks.

3. No stallion may be exhibited in stallion harness.

4. All stallions/mares must be bitted. (No double bridles)

5. All animals will be expected to trot up in-hand in a controlled and correct manner. Any animal deemed out of control will be asked to retire (rule 15).

6. All animals must be presented in ‘show condition’, i.e. plaited, hogged or traditional.

7. All animals must be clean, in good condition and recently shod or trimmed. Handlers/owners must understand that first impressions are paramount. All tack must be clean and safe.

8. All handlers must wear: Hard hats with chin straps must be worn conforming to British standards.

9. No hind boots may be worn when jumping. Loose schooling all animals, except broodmares with foals at foot, will be free schooled to assess their natural paces and presence. No boots may be worn

Stallion Certificate

Mare Certificate

Grading Application